Sophie —
A new type of hero

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Curious about Sophie?

Hi, I'm Tal, a father to Ron, Shiri, and Yael.

As a parent, I continuously scout for books to inspire my kids, but it is hard to find truly inspiring heroes and role models. This is why I am writing about Sophie.

Sophie is an independent, confident girl with an interesting background and a unique approach to life. Leo, her best friend, tells her story as he watches her deal with challenges and hardships without compromising her principles.

The book is planned to come out later this year. You can download the first chapter, read it with your kid and let me know what you think.


Learn more about the thinking and philosophy behind Sophie

Sophie is a book for 10 to 16-year-olds designed to inspire kids through a virtuous young girl named Sophie. Sophie embodies a rational, confident, independent personality that deals with hardships and conflicts in her own special way.

Leo, Sophie's best friend, tells the story from his point of view. Doing so, he is learning and introspecting, trying to understand Sophie's unique approach to life.

The book tries to give your child a role model, to demonstrate the principles and virtues that are required to live a heroic, fulfilling life, regardless of what their specific journey is.

Sophie is illustrated by my son Ron, a talented (and I'm very objective...) young illustrator who captures the essence of Sophie, Leo, and their unique relationship.

In today’s media and art scenes, it is rare to find pieces of art that inspire and feed the soul with inspiring heroes. Sophie will hopefully give that gift to your child.

Sophie will give you, the parent, an opportunity to discuss important philosophical topics with your child.

Join Sophie on her heroic journey

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